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We have restricted the display of
fossil teeth to strictly those from the Isle of Wight.

This is a prime example of a partially worn lower dentary tooth from an Iguanodon, clearly we can see the typical leaf-like shape. This unique shaping indicates that the Iguanodon was a herbivore and not a carnivore. The teeth are superb grabbers and shredders well suited for their diet of tough fern-like plants with coarse fronds.
This is 60x magnification of cerations of a Theropod's tooth. These feature on the outer curve of the tooth, causing severe damage to it's prey using a razor slicing action - NASTY!
This is a Baryonyx tooth. The cerations on this tooth (the cutting edges), lie in the middle of the inside of the tooth and the middle of the outside of the tooth. This is a carnivore's tooth.
This is 200x magnification of the cerations of an Iguanodon tooth